26th July 1963 - Manchester Evening Chronicle closing down.

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Manchester Evening News Manchester Evening News

As the last evening editions rolled off the presses tonight it was announced that the Manchester Evening Chronicle – one of the North’s biggest evening papers was closing down.

The news that this was the last issue was given in a statement from the publishers, Northern News Ltd, which controls the city’s other evening paper, the Manchester Evening News and also the Guardian. The Evening News now becomes the Manchester Evening News and Chronicle.

“The economics of the newspaper industry are against us “, said Mr Laurence Scott, Chairman of Northern News Ltd. “We have not taken the decision lightly. But to keep the Chronicle alive is costing something like £300,000 a year, a sum far greater than we can afford.”

The Evening Chronicle first appeared on May 10th 1897, price 1/2d. It sold 170,000 copies on the first day. Audited figures for the sale of the paper from January to June this year show an average daily circulation of 258,694 copies.

The news from fifty years ago -  Source: The Times